Stop Using Marketing as a Band-Aid and Start Being Strategic.

Marketing should be a part of company culture and your sales plan. Branding, Content, and Lead Development take time to strategically develop and require a deep-dive understanding of the consumer and the market. Typically, consultants are brought on for a variety of reasons. Mostly because they have a unique and specialized expertise set, and the company needs them to identify problems within an organization and create change. However, identifying problems and changing the culture takes time; time that companies don’t have and/or don’t want to put in. So marketing is often time used as a Band-aid. Sales are down = Band-Aid. Morale is down = Band-Aid. It’s not surprising really. It’s like whe

What is the Value of Marketing?

Marketing can be the one department that is in the "grey" area. Many companies don't understand and/or value what marketing brings to the company. Some of the questions I frequently get asked are: Is marketing a part of sales? Should they work together? Do you really need marketing; I mean how can you even measure the activities that go on? Why should I hire a person or start a department for Instagram likes? If we were really honest, a lot of marketing professionals and departments haven't done a great job of showing our value and what a marketing department should be. Marketing should work in conjunction with sales. I like to think of marketing and sales as best friends. Sure, each can fu

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