Marketing Reporting Like a Boss

Let's talk about the elephant in the room - marketing reporting. Most people don't value marketing because they feel like it's "unmeasurable." While that may have been true in the pre-digital age, that just simply isn't true anymore. In fact, if you aren't measuring your marketing and sales efforts, then you are missing out on detailed information that will help you drive future strategies. How can you start measuring your efforts? Step 1: Start a monthly marketing report. This should include your web analytics, any advertisements you're running, events you had that month, social media and blog post, basically any marketing efforts you did that month. Step 2: Don't just pull the analytics. G

Marketing Checklist

How are you doing on your marketing checklist? Do you have a marketing checklist? There are so many things you could be doing and should be doing - which can be a little overwhelming! So here are some things to get you started! • Know your target market • Have a solid brand throughout all of your marketing materials • Make sure your website is actually doing a job - not just looking pretty • Social Media • Content, Content, Content • Email Marketing • Tradeshows and events • Lead Generation • Be consistent • Have Fun! We know this is a lot but just take it one day at a time! And we can help you figure out a marketing plan that works all these in together! About The Mom in Stilettos M

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